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The Creative Cornerstone

A North Carolina Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation

Mission & Vision

Mission: Our mission is to provide disadvantaged youth with media production skills to enhance their abilities, increase their critical thinking, and provide them with an opportunity to an innovative career path.

Vision: Our vision is to be a catalyst in mentoring youth to be productive and thrive in the community.

Core Values

Integrity: Honoring the best of ourselves and others.
Inspire: Inspiring and empowering others by educating them and preparing them to be financially stable.
Equip: Providing workshops and educating them to become more self-sufficient.
Cultivate: Cultivate relationships and provide the opportunity for philanthropy.
Impact: Creating change that matters to the community and the people we serve,

Videography Studio
Founders Alex & Queen Williams


We believe in respecting each other and honoring each person's human rights regardless of race, creed, color, sexual orientation, or disability.
We believe that every person should always be treated with dignity and respect.
We believe in providing the highest quality Of ethical standards to the people we serve in our program.
We believe in having a voice to advocate for our community's needs.
We believe in cultivating a relationship and providing the opportunity for philanthropy.


Workshops We Offer

Photography on a rock


The art of photography is using a camera to manipulate and capture light to create an image. In this 8-10 week session, youth will learn how to use professional photography equipment and techniques for image control, creative direction, lighting techniques, and image manipulation. We will provide the following in the 8-10 week course (but are not limited to):


  • Introduction to Photography: We will teach a brief history of photography, the terminology used, and the fundamentals of photography for better understanding. The seven principles of design in photographs, such as balance, rhythm, pattern, emphasis, contrast, unity, and movement, form the foundation of visual arts. Using the seven principles allows the individual to take greater control of their photographic practice, and the principles will lead to better photos and more photographic opportunities.

  • Camera Overview: Our team will focus on DSLR and mirrorless cameras with interchangeable lenses that manipulate ISO, F-Stop, and Shutter Speed to make high-quality photos. Our team will teach composition and how to use contrast in color, size, shape, and value to create a focal point and lead the eye through the picture.

  • Lighting: Individuals must master the settings that determine how much light the camera captures. We will teach aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings, and our team will teach them how to manipulate natural and artificial light to achieve the desired goal.

  • Composition: We will educate on color theory and why some colors are best placed with others so the individual's compositional choices will be intentional and effective. Our team will also demonstrate how to use design elements when putting together a shot, like proportion, harmony, emphasis, and unity.

  • Post Editing: We will introduce and teach software tools and skills for editing and adjusting photos.

  • Project: We will provide exercises using learned skill sets. Individuals will apply their learned skills by completing a class project. The project will be based on the skills learned from the curriculum.

Podcast Studio
Photography Studio
Photography Studio
Photography Studio


Videography refers to capturing moving images to media using video cameras and streaming media. Videography includes specific methods of video editing and post-production as well. Statistics have indicated that video represents 82% of all IP traffic. Whether using professional video marketing or simple video clips for social media, people love to watch video content. Creative Cornerstone shall offer the following but are not limited to:


  • Introduction To Videography: We will teach a brief history of videography, the terminology used, the resolution and aspect ratio difference between video and photography, the video camera overview, and the difference in frame rate. We will discuss the elements used in videography and how they work together to achieve a successful video.

  • Stabilization: We will cover mechanical versus digital image stabilization to reduce camera movement. We will cover mechanical and electronic gimbals, tripods, and boom arms and how they are used.

  • Lighting: Proper lighting is essential to keep the visual quality of the clips high. We will teach how having the perfect lighting can create a visual mood, atmosphere, and sense of meaning to the audience or the person being videoed. Our team will educate individuals on the factors that can impact a video, such as location, changing conditions, shadows, and natural light.

  • Audio: In video production, sound can elevate the video dramatically and evoke emotion and meaning far beyond what the images can do by themselves. Our team will teach the importance of the right microphone and choosing the location carefully to avoid a complex audio environment. We will focus on capturing sound for film/video and applying sound effects (SFX) to enhance a film/video project.

  • Preparing for a Shoot: We will educate young people on how to prepare for video production. Preparing for a shoot will include lighting, audio, and composition. We will teach shooting angles and how to avoid cross-shooting during production. Our team will teach post-editing, including the software and video adjustments.

  • Post Editing: We will introduce and teach software tools and skills for editing and adjusting photos.

  • Project: We will provide exercises using learned skill sets. Individuals will apply their learned skills by completing a class project. The project will be based on the skills learned from the eight-week curriculum.


Audio Tracking and Recording

Proper audio tracking and recording are vital when making audio projects sound balanced, cohesive, uniform, and professional. Creative Cornerstone will provide the following but are not limited to:


  • Introduction to Mixing Console: Creative Cornerstone will teach the fundamentals of the mixing console. The team will educate on the purpose and the breakdown of the different console sections and how the mixing console is used for recording, live production, and sound reinforcement systems.

  • Digital Audio Workstation: We will teach the functions of digital audio software and its significant function in recording, editing, and producing audio files.

  • Audio effects (FX): We will introduce and discuss the introduction of sound FXs into the audio composition (Equalization, compression, reverb, delay, and pitch shift) to enhance the composition.

  • Music Production: We will educate and demonstrate how to create compositions to produce music. We will discuss elements of music such as melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre.

  • Live Sound Production: The team will teach what is needed for live sound production. Through sound checks, we will focus on ensuring that all instruments, microphones, and FXs are mixed at proper levels for live production.

  • Mixing Exercises: The individuals will be given mixing exercises to test their knowledge and skills of what they learned in these sessions.

  • Class Project: The class will be given a project focusing on audio tracking and recording

Recording Studio
Videography Studio
Photography Studio
Creativity Evolved Studios


This curriculum utilizes the transformative medium of spoken word to facilitate a profound journey for youth, fostering a meaningful connection with their inner selves. By delving into the intricacies of poetry fundamentals, literary devices, and performance skills, the program aims to nurture self-expression, promote healing, and encourage community building among participants. The culmination of this enriching experience unfolds in a showcase, where the spotlight illuminates their newfound capacity to authentically connect through both the art of poetry and spoken word performance, celebrating their individual voices and the collective strength cultivated throughout the course:


  • Self-Exploration and Connection: By the end of this curriculum, students will develop a deep understanding of the art of spoken word, using poetry as a tool for self-exploration. Through the exploration of literary devices and poetic fundamentals, students will forge a meaningful connection with their inner selves, fostering personal growth and self-awareness.

  • Cultivation of Self-Expression: Participants will master the craft of expressing their thoughts, emotions, and experiences through the medium of spoken word poetry. The curriculum aims to nurture their ability to articulate ideas with clarity, authenticity, and artistic flair, empowering them to communicate effectively through the powerful medium of spoken word.

  • Healing through Poetry: The curriculum seeks to create a supportive environment where youth can harness the therapeutic potential of poetry. By delving into themes, emotions, and personal narratives, students will have the opportunity to engage in a healing process, using poetry as a tool for catharsis, reflection, and emotional well-being.

  • Community Building: Through collaborative activities and team projects, students will learn the significance of community building within the realm of spoken word poetry. The curriculum encourages a sense of collective creativity, fostering connections among participants and promoting a supportive community where diverse voices are celebrated.

  • Performance Skills Development: Participants will gain proficiency in the art of performance poetry, honing their skills in voice modulation, tone, pacing, and stage presence. The goal is to empower students to confidently share their poetic expressions with an audience, fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment in their ability to captivate and engage listeners.

  • Showcase of Authentic Connection: The culmination of the curriculum will be a showcase where students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their newfound ability to connect authentically through poetry and the performance of spoken word. This final presentation aims to celebrate their journey, providing a platform for them to express themselves confidently and connect with an audience in a meaningful way.

  • Lifelong Appreciation for Spoken Word: Beyond the workshop, the curriculum aims to instill a lifelong appreciation for spoken word poetry, encouraging students to continue exploring and utilizing this expressive medium as a powerful tool for personal and artistic development


Creative Cornerstone will advocate for educational programs, youth programs, funding, and human rights on the local, state, and national levels. We will partner with other nonprofits to advocate on a national level.

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